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Control Panels

We have a wide range of multi-featured control panels to suit you requirements.

The critical purpose they serve is the monitoring of all detection devices, controlling sounders and signalling and providing power and battery backup to your system.

Our range includes:

  • Non-addressable fire alarm panels suitable for use in small to medium-sized premises
  • Flexible and expandable analogue addressable fire alarm control panels suitable for medium sized commercial and industrial premises
  • Wire free fire detection systems ideal for historic buildings and areas of sensitive décor and temporary accommodation.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detection technology senses and detects the presence of smoke, heat or other early indications that a fire has started.

Depending on your property type, we can help you choose from our wide range of smoke detectors and ancillary devices that work best for your requirements.

Sounders & Warning Devices

Sounders and signalling devices alert staff via audible and visual warnings to an emergency situation in the event of alarm activation. They help enable the safe and quick evacuation of the premises and limits potential danger to people and the premises.

We can provide a comprehensive range of high quality and high performance sounders. In addition to your fire detection system, automatic voice alarms aid swift and safe evacuation in the event of a fire. They broadcast pre-recorded spoken messages that will alert staff of danger and guide them to the nearest exits.

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