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The design of a fire alarm system has a number of aspects to consider. Our fire engineered solutions are at the forefront. Our distinctive capability allows us to observe standards with competence and know how to combine Building Regulations, British Standards and the Fire Safety Reform Order.

There are legislative requirements which need to be satisfied in order to gain licences for a building to operate, as well as allowing persons to occupy the premises safely. The design has to be tailored to the structure and fabric of the building in a functional manner, but often also to ensure that aesthetically the new system does not detract from the look of the premises. Small designer shops and historic family homes all have specific needs which may be less of a concern in a workspace environment.

The use of the building also affects the type of system, whether it is engineering for specific high risk areas such as a bus garage workshop, or to allow for large crowds unfamiliar with the premises i.e. a hotel, church or museum.

Awareness of the system user is also essential, less able bodied people may or may not be capable of exiting without assistance, but high levels of people with sporting injuries or with hearing difficulties may require a system which addresses their needs.

Fire Safety Solutions for Businesses and Industry in London and the South East