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Firetecnics Systems is proud to announce it has won the Fire Detection and Alarm Project of the year category at the IFSEC Security and Fire Excellence Awards 2014. Working in joint collaboration with Apollo Fire Detectors we were selected for the most innovative and exciting fire detection and alarm installation of the year for Tower Bridge. We won the award for completing the project, on time, within budget and to the highest standards, demonstrating sound design, successful project management and core engineering capabilities.

The project saw the fire alarm systems in Tower Bridge’s public and private areas upgraded, replacing an outdated and damaged system which was becoming difficult and expensive to repair. The new fire detection solution was also designed with the flexibility of allowing for any potential future refurbishments of the landmark building in mind.

We were able to differentiate ourselves due to our ability to blend creativity, resourcefulness and deep technical know-how to overcome technological challenges presented by the Tower Bridge environment, providing a real solution of many benefits not just a project installation that met the standards.

Virginia Tolosa, Managing Director for Firetecnics Systems: “Tower Bridge was indeed a challenging project but never the less a wonderful and special one, I’m proud that The Corporation of London chose Firetecnics Systems as their preferred installer. We are also very pleased that we won this prestigious award. Over the years we have successfully proven our ability to carry out the design and installation of fire alarm systems to protect iconic buildings such as Tower Bridge and we look forward to continuing to deliver high quality installations for our clients listed buildings.”

Click on the below links and publications for detailed information on how we joined forces with Apollo Fire Detectors to protect life and property at one of the capital city’s renowned sites – Tower Bridge.

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