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The Radlett Centre

Location: Hertfordshire

The Radlett Centre, based in Hertfordshire, is a popular venue for their Theatre, Conference Hall and meeting rooms. Firetecnics has worked with The Radlett Centre since 2009 servicing and maintaining their fire systems.


As a long-standing client, they requested our assistance to install a new fire system as their current system was outdated.
We attended the site, reviewed their current system and delivered a quote to install a new Addressable Fire Alarm system.
As the centre was in use and their peak season was approaching, it was important to complete the work before their busy period to avoid disruption to business.

“Firetecnics have exclusively looked after our fire protection needs since 2009. They were recommended to us by another venue, as theatres have very particular issues with fire protection. Not only because of the level of safety required for the audiences who attend, but also because stage effects will often generate harmless smoke and haze as part of the shows. We turned to Firetecnics to design a bespoke system that would enable us to have such stage effects without setting off alarms unnecessarily and they achieved that for us. As well as maintaining our system, five years ago we asked them to install a completely new fire alarm system in the building as our previous one needed replacing. Firetecnics did this, not only with a competitive price, but with minimum disruption to our continuing operation. The system has given us no problems at all, and we would recommend Firetecnics unreservedly. ”

Greg Dexter , General Manager


Firetecnics installed and commissioned a new fire alarm system, on time and on budget, with no disruption to the day-to-day use of the centre.

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