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Firetecnics offers a fully comprehensive training program which can be tailored to meet the needs of your staff and working environment.

A typical Course will cover such subjects as:

  • The Law, duties of employees and Fire Wardens.
  • Evacuation drills – why and their importance.
  • The importance of fire safety and prevention.
  • How fires start.
  • Hazard spotting.
  • Action to be taken on discovering a fire.
  • Action to be taken on hearing the fire alarm.
  • Location of the fire alarm call points and/or internal fire alarm telephones and/or panel.
  • Method for calling the Fire Brigade.
  • Correct method of operation and location of firefighting equipment.

Live Fire Demo

Participants will be given the opportunity to use the main types of extinguishers present in their workplace in a controlled environment. *Subject to location


All attendees will receive a signed certificate of completion.

Comprehensive and cost-effective training services

Whether you’re a large or small organisation, Firetecnics provides a comprehensive range of fire safety awareness and training programmes for all roles and experience levels.

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