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Whether your business is interested in complying with the fire safety legislation, or providing a solution to a fire safety issue, with our three decades of experience and knowledge, we are able to support you with all your fire safety requirements.

At Firetecnics, we partner with you throughout the entire life cycle of fire systems. Life safety systems are not just ‘fit and forget’. We consider your needs, the occupants and the wellbeing of your systems long after the installers have moved on, even when we are asked to maintain a system installed by another organisation.

Fire safety regulations can be daunting for the accountable person, even more so if the premises are multi tenanted, you have a duty to ensure that certain tasks are undertaken over and above the upkeep of the system. These responsibilities include:

  • Weekly fire alarm test
  • Monthly emergency lighting check
  • Fire drill for all staff
  • Risk assessment for all premises

We offer a range of training options to show you how to complete fire alarm and emergency lighting tests yourself, including the actual methodology and the all important paperwork.

Your systems and workplace are likely to be altered over their operational lifespan. We can work alongside your project team to ensure the alterations are compatible with your fire strategy.

Large fires can be devastating, but even small fires can have an adverse effect on your business. It’s crucial in the event of a fire that your staff and property are protected. We can support you to reduce the impact, in the event of an incident, has to your business so you are able to continue operating.

We are dedicated to our contracted customers, returning their life safety systems to full operational capacity in the event of an emergency.

Firetecnics Systems Ltd is the name you can rely on.  We provide peace of mind and total solutions for all our clients needs.

Fire Safety Solutions for Businesses and Industry in London and the South East